Wednesday, June 16, 2010

To Snood, or Not To Snood?

Today I saw something that kind of made me sad. Not sad like cruelty to animals sad, but sad like My Name is Earl got canceled sad.

I took the kids to a local business that's basically a warehouse full of bounce houses. You pay $8 and get to bounce on 6 or 7 bounce houses and giant slides for as long as you want. There was a lady there, studying her "Introduction to Toxicology" text book (yes, I peeked.) She was beautiful, but her hair was this strange blonde that was almost pinkish and had the texture of cotton candy. It reminded me of Barbie's hair. I've never seen hair quite like that, but I think it comes from overprocessing (feel free to correct me.)

My sister is a hair stylist at a trendy Rockabilly themed salon and the minute I get a chance, I'm going to call her and ask her about pink-blond hair.  After all, what do I know? It may be completely intentional and healthy. It just made me wonder.

In my hair news, I'm currently pondering the use of snoods. I split an order of 12 snoods with a dear friend who covers her hair for religious and personal reasons. I showed my husband, who said, "You look like a hot lunch lady." I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

I like the idea of snoods. They've been worn in some fashion or another since at least the medieval period. There are many photos of Victorian women sporting snoods (although reenactors battle fiercely over whether they are period correct or not.) They look romantic and can dress up a casual outfit. On the other hand, you can end up looking like you just stumbled out of a Ren Faire. And of course, there's the fact that they're lunch lady chic.

I just can't make up my mind. I posted on a long hair forum, asking whether to Snood or Not To Snood and it seemed evenly divided. Some people didn't seem to mind the snood so much as the fact that they didn't like the fact that my hair was covered. I was flattered, since I don't often have people complain that they can't see my hair properly. As if my hair is really something exciting to see.

So I'm asking you, gentle readers...should I Snood or Not? I wouldn't wear the snood all the time, just once in a while to break things up and to protect my hair. Post in the comments and let me know your vote!


  1. well, i probably don't count but i think they look very pretty!I keep the front of mine much closer to my hair line in the front, maybe an inch back..but i think they are elegant and pretty.
    Your hair is a wonder to look at for certain! and lunch lady-chic is not something i have ever attained to how do you feel in them? and what do you think?
    THats interesting about the debate on period re-enacting..i always thought they were worn in a form for long ago's...
    Love to you

  2. I LOVE snoods. I always have. I've long been accused of being really old fashioned. My mother told me, disparagingly, that I looked like a school marm, and I said, "Is that a bad thing?" I feel like Anne of Green Gables in them.

    I've had boyfriends tell me they're ugly, but I still love them. I used to have a great collection of the little bun cover ones and some other fancier ones. Right now I have some of the nylon and I actually wear one to bed to protect my hair.

  3. From a guy's perspective, I have agree with your husband. However as a long hair fan, if a snood helps you with keeping your hair protected, or managing it more easily, go for it.

    I believe one of the secrets to having great long hair is protecting it from damage. So "snood it like it's 1499" girl!

  4. on a funnier note, i went to the deli to get lunch yesterday and the lady behind the counter said about my snood, " where did you get that beautiful hair thingy, i could wear it over this net and look SO much nicer!" so i told her what they were and where i got mine!
    STacy poked me in the arm and laughed that the "lunch lady" wanted my snood....

  5. You guys are so funny! Lunch lady chic WILL come into style, I know it! Can't be any worse than heroin chic.

    I am so gonna snood it like it's 1499! :-D

  6. You could run a ribbon through the top layer of netting or dress it up in other ways so that it doesn't look as "lunch lady"...

  7. I'm torn. While I love looking at your long flowing hair, I guess i wouldn't mind if you wore it once in a while. It seems that it would also be good to protect from wind damage.

    Oh, and I'm speaking about just seeing it in your blog photos, I don't actually know Jess in person. :)