Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monistat for Hair Growth

I took some length shots last night and I think I've had some growth. I've been having a growth stall for a little while and gave Monistat a try.

Now, before I go any further, I can hear a collective "What did she do with Monistat?!" Fear not, I do not have a yeast infection of the scalp. On the LHC (see the links to your left) there's a popular theory that Monistat (4%, not that cheap 2%) can help your hair grow. I've read that some people have gotten up to 3 inches of growth in a month. I've seen photos of people with bald spots who have been helped by Monistat.

You can dilute it or not, your choice. I've been taking the cream and applying it straight to my roots. It doesn't cause my roots to look greasy, so I apply after a wash and just leave it on until the next washday.

At first, I didn't notice anything except some growth around my hair line. My hair is certainly a bit thicker now. I didn't think it had done a thing for the length, though, until I took pictures. The difference is subtle, I think, but it's there.

This was taken March 14th, 2010.
And this one was taken yesterday, May 29th, 2010. Think there's a difference?

If you're wondering about the difference in my hair color, I did a henna/cassia gloss last month. Living in Hawai'i has bleached out almost all of my natural copper tones. I contacted Nightblooming on Etsy and asked if she could do a custom blend to help put the color back to the way it used to be. She was amazing and the color turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Anyways, Monistat... I think I will continue to apply it until I reach "classic" length (the bottom of

For all you out there that wash every day and want to try Monistat for growth, here's what I would recommend; apply Monistat 4% cream to the roots every other day after washing. Style as usual. If it works for you, I'd love to hear about it!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shelots, Photography Courses and a Questionable Flower

I did my first conditioner only wash tonight. I guess it will be cheaper to buy tons of conditioner than to buy tons of shampoo and conditioner. S's and W's hair seemed to fare well from my newest experiment.  They both had silky, soft locks that were easily combed through without any difficulty.

I have gone a little nuts on buying hair accessories, but in my defense, I put some stuff up on the swap boards. My new items: a custom "shelot" from Ravenslair on Etsy and  a Tangle Teezer. I also bid on a 1910 celluloid hair comb, but was outbid. I can't decide whether or not to increase my maximum bid. I like the hair comb and I love that it's antique, but my hair stuff budget is depleted.

The shelot from Ravenslair is beautiful. I bought the "Sea Witch" shelot from her about a month or so ago. I love it, but it's too small. That was entirely my fault, I should have measured my bun before I bought it. That shelot got me thinking. I wanted one that fit well and the Sea Witch shelot reminded me of the cold, rocky seas of the North. I asked for a custom 7(!!) inch shelot inspired by the rocky, cold seas. She did an awesome job and even wrote a little story to go along with the shelot. Mermaid From the Northern Reaches Shelot and Hair Stick Set. Never fear, I will be posting action shots when it arrives in the mail.

The Tangle Teezer got rave reviews and is supposed to glide through tangles with nary a pull. I mostly bought this for my little girls because I prefer a yak's horn comb to anything else. I bought it in glittery purple hoping the girls would like it. I'll certainly post a review here about the Tangle Teezer. It's not expensive at about $15.

I also dove in and decided to take an online photography class. I really love taking photography and classes will only help me to become better. I was flattered by a few visitors to my home recently. They saw some of my framed photography and thought that I had bought it in a gallery. I'm looking forward to getting some criticism on my photography.

I've been practicing my macro shots. I'd never really done any before now. I think they turned out okay, but I'd like to learn macro composition.

                 What does this one remind you of? (Sorry, my mind is in the gutter.)

So, anyways, I'm trying to find something new and exciting to do for my next hair tutorial. I was thinking about doing a "How to Comb Your Hair" tutorial since I've seen so many women yanking brushes through their hair. Any ideas or suggestions? I'd love to hear them!