Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monistat for Hair Growth

I took some length shots last night and I think I've had some growth. I've been having a growth stall for a little while and gave Monistat a try.

Now, before I go any further, I can hear a collective "What did she do with Monistat?!" Fear not, I do not have a yeast infection of the scalp. On the LHC (see the links to your left) there's a popular theory that Monistat (4%, not that cheap 2%) can help your hair grow. I've read that some people have gotten up to 3 inches of growth in a month. I've seen photos of people with bald spots who have been helped by Monistat.

You can dilute it or not, your choice. I've been taking the cream and applying it straight to my roots. It doesn't cause my roots to look greasy, so I apply after a wash and just leave it on until the next washday.

At first, I didn't notice anything except some growth around my hair line. My hair is certainly a bit thicker now. I didn't think it had done a thing for the length, though, until I took pictures. The difference is subtle, I think, but it's there.

This was taken March 14th, 2010.
And this one was taken yesterday, May 29th, 2010. Think there's a difference?

If you're wondering about the difference in my hair color, I did a henna/cassia gloss last month. Living in Hawai'i has bleached out almost all of my natural copper tones. I contacted Nightblooming on Etsy and asked if she could do a custom blend to help put the color back to the way it used to be. She was amazing and the color turned out exactly the way I wanted it to.

Anyways, Monistat... I think I will continue to apply it until I reach "classic" length (the bottom of

For all you out there that wash every day and want to try Monistat for growth, here's what I would recommend; apply Monistat 4% cream to the roots every other day after washing. Style as usual. If it works for you, I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Love your new blog - your hair length and color are absolutely wonderful.

  2. WOW! it looks like you got more than a little growth! did you actually measure? it looks like almost 2 inches! i may have to go try this now!!! and i love your color!

  3. Thank you so much, Bill, for the generous compliment.

    Kim, I'll measure as soon as I find my tape measure. Last I saw it, Tristan was using it as a pretend whip. *sigh*

  4. Do you think there would be any danger in using it every day? I'm about to start trying the Monistat thing. (And your hair is a huge inspiration, it is so beautiful!)

  5. Thank you so much for your kind comments, Aamba.

    Many people apply the Monistat every day and have no problem with it. Of course, if you begin to have adverse reactions to it, I'd cut back.

  6. Thanks so much for posting about this. I mentioned it to my mom, who's been self-conscious about a balding spot on her head for some time. She's been hesitant to try Rogaine because of the expense, but this sounds just as good for much less. BTW, your hair looks incredible! :D

  7. You're tilting your head forward in the first picture..

  8. It does look like that, doesn't it? If you'll notice, the two pictures are taken at different angles, the first being taken from a lower angle. I assure you, if anything, my head was leaning back. If you look back through my blog, you'll find that all of my pictures taken from that angle look like I'm leaning forward.

  9. Jessica, I absolutely LOVE your blog. You hair is so gorgeous. I am going to try the Monistat tip you recommended. Right now, I am hovering between 26 and 27 inches. My goal is 30 inches.
    Thank you foe the advice, and I will post back with results! God Bless,


  10. Thanks, Diane! I'd love to hear of any results you have. :-)

  11. Hello jessica, I am very surprised for your hair growth, you've got beautiful long hair. I've heard that product make the hair growing on youtube "monistat", I tried to find it but it's very difficult to find monistat 4%. How and Where did you get yours.
    I am french girl leaving in france with scalp pbs, the others monistat is easy to find but not the 4%'s.

    (sorry for my english, i stumbled upon you blog; do you sell your long hair loll!!)

    1. I've never had anyone ask to buy my hair. ;-) 2% works fine for a lot of people, and it's cheaper. I would say try the 2% first and see how it works for you

  12. I have never heard of this but am going to give it a try. I take a lot of medicine and my daughter noticed a bald spot on the back of my head...I about died. Anyway your hair is gorgeous! I think you can tell a difference for sure the top pic looks like the hair is straight across while the one below it comes more to a point. I wish I could grow my hair like that. But will try this and let you know what happens!
    Thanks for the tip!