Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Long Hair Is *So* Boring

I want to do a more indepth review of the Tangle Teezer, but I'm still under the weather. So, an easy post.

I get asked all the time if my hair is "too long" to do much with it. I really don't get this question at all. I think you can do more with long hair than with short. Sure, with short hair, you have that super chic do, but can you put that up in a pony tail?

Anyway, to illustrate my point, I'll show you some of the many pictures of things I've done to my hair.

Look at this Nautilus bun;

I think what makes this special is the beautiful dragonfly Flexi8 keeping it up. I could easily wear this out to a cocktail party or wedding and no one would even know that it took me two minutes to do!

Here's the braided version of the Nautilus:

I absolutely love this photo. Not because my hair looks awesome (although it does,) but because of my baby's head and her little hand sticking up. Baby's first length shot?

Anyways, the braided Nautilus is kind of my signature 'do. I think it makes my hair look fuller, thicker and so fancy. I don't need to use any elastics or hair pins- just the hairstick- to hold my hair up.

Figure 8-

This Figure 8 is one of those things that happens once in a lifetime. It's so big and beautiful, but I'd never be able to reproduce such an awesome Figure 8 in my entire life. I'm just thrilled I got a picture of it before it went to hairstyle heaven.

The Elling Woman style is one of my favorites. Elling Woman was a bog body discovered in Denmark. It is thought that she was a sacrifice to the Gods. Her hair was so well preserved that they were able to tell how it was dressed the day she died. I absolutely love the idea that women today are wearing the same style that women wore thousands of years ago.

ETA: This is a link to more information about Elling Woman. There are bog bodies pictured on the site, so consider yourself warned.

 My interpretation of Elling Woman:

People are always so impressed when they see the Elling Woman style and wonder how I did it.


I love to wear my hair in a braid. It's almost like wearing it loose and it feels good to feel my hair against my back.

Rose bun:

There's that sweet baby again. Look, she's holding a Pokemon ball!

The rose bun is simply a rope braid put into a bun. It looks awesome, though, doesn't it? It looks incredibly elaborate and intricate, but it really isn't at all.

Double dutch braids into Chinese bun:

Another simply bun that looks incredibly elaborate. I like this one personally because the bun looks massive. What can I say; I'm a fan of big buns.

Renaissance Hair Taping:

This is such a cool style. You can "tape" your hair up and leave it for a few days. It's awesome for camping. My five year old likes me to tape her hair because it gets her out of brushing for a few days and she gets "Princess" hair.

Is that too much? I don't want to overwhelm anyone with hair photos. Maybe just one more...?

With long hair, you can copy fantasy styles from stage and screen. I copied Princess Leia's hair from the Rebel Assault (no, not THAT style, guys!)

It's beautiful, isn't it? I was amazed at how lovely it turned out.

Who says you can't do anything with long hair? They obviously don't have long hair!


  1. OH! your hair always takes my breath away! thats one of my favorite questions to answer becuase you can give a dissertation on why long hair is not boring!! this is great, and you figure 8 bun is fabulous, i bet you can do it again, you do everything else again...that last picture though, that is the clincher...i want longer hair so i can do that for real!!!!
    You are so awesome!thanks for sharing hair pics and baby hands, so cute...

    Love to you

  2. OH yea, that Elling WOman, that was sooo cool, we should post a link to the article becuase it was awesome to see that her hair was exactly styled like you did it..what a connection to the past, to women in all of time! i loved it, can't do it yet, but your turned out great!

  3. There are never too many hair pictures!

    I love all the braided buns especially. And the Rose one. So beautiful!

  4. They're all beautiful but the baby pics are heartwarming.
    Thanks for sharing!

  5. These pics are s fun. First, your hair is incredible! Then your little ne os to cute for words! Thank you!!

  6. Yeah, BORING! I see your point. lol Actually, it's super stunning. Thanks!!!

  7. Your hair is gorgeous. You inspired me to let mine grow out again. It will take forever to reach half the length of yours because it tends to grow slow. Any way, I was wondering where you learned to braid like that? Have you posted any videos on how to braid? If not please think about it, I would watch them.

  8. Oh, thank you so much! I did a post about using Monistat to encourage hair growth. You might try that if you want your hair to grow faster. :-)

    Also, I have a YouTube channel, where you will find some hair styles.

    TorrinPaige is also an excellent resource for some amazing styles.

  9. My hair IS boring, even if it is long (1,1 meters)It is so long and slippery that it is too heavy to make into nice hairdos... I envy that you can stick that baby up with just one chopstick!!!

  10. Pretty, but very old fashioned.