Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cool Find: Natural Cleaning Products (with Promotion)

I have a confession to make; I'm addicted to Clorox cleaning wipes. They're just so convenient, all pre-moistened and you just yank them right out of the canister. I also really like paper towels, although I'm really trying to quit those.

Anyway, I've recently found an Etsy shop that sells items that may make cleaning wipe and paper towel withdrawal a little easier.

Picnicbasketcrafts sells these neat plastic containers with lemony fresh goodness.  You place the cleaning solution (included) into the container with your washcloths or reusable cleaning towels. Voila! You have cleaning wipes easily at your disposal! The cleaning solution cleans really well, too. It easily tackled my post-dinner clean-up.

The solution consists of lemon juice, soap, alcohol, tea tree oil and lemon essential oil.

Two packs of cleaning solution for all-purpose cleaning (mopping, countertops, etc) and glass surface are sold for $6. They're meant to be diluted in water and put into a spray bottle (reuse!) or the wipe container. I've had success with putting a dab on a cloth, getting the cloth wet, then using it. That's when I'm being lazy, of course.

I also bought some luscious organic reusable "paper" towels. They're so soft and the texture easily takes on counter top crud. They come in packs of six for $9.50 for unbleached organic (shown below) and $7 for the "Fun Mix" (shown in the wipe container.)

I think the nicest thing about this Etsy shop is that a portion of every sale goes to Heart of the Mountains Hospice in Granby, CO. To find out more about Heart of the Mountain, check out their website here.

Anyway, Picnicbasketcrafts is offering a promotion to readers of this blog. If you place an order, you have your selection of free lip balm or a trial size of her new zinc oxide baby balm. Just specify in the "Notes to Seller" what your choice is and that I sent you.

**I wanted to clarify something here, as well. I'm not paid and I don't get a kickback from the stores I "pimp" out. These are items I personally purchase with my money. If they work well or happen to be something I really believe in as a product, I like to share them with you guys. I always ask permission to blog about them first, and they often offer specials for you guys. How cool is that?!**

As a side note, I went shopping today with my reusable produce bags and the baggers were really impressed with them. The checkout clerk and baggers kept asking me where I got the bags from and thought they were totally neat. So, they're grocery store approved!

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