Monday, June 7, 2010

Dreaming of Autumn and New Hairsticks

I made the mistake of checking out Nightblooming's Etsy store this evening and had some crazy timing. I guess she just put up some stuff because it showed tomorrow's date. I almost wish I had checked tomorrow, because I probably would have spent less money.

I just needed to snag some more Panacea Salve, but then I saw these:
Silver Fletched Arrows of Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt. I saw them and was done for. They had to be mine!

Artemis, the Moon Goddess, the Goddess of Animals, the Goddess of Women. She's one of my favorite goddesses, and I love and know a lot of them. I love the imagery of Artemis, standing in the glow of the moon with her silvery bow arched, an arrow at the ready. She's strong, with her feet planted firmly on the ground, ready to take down the grown stag with her nocked arrow.

Those hairsticks are not only gorgeous, they're also functional. They'll go with almost anything I wear.

I was sorely tempted by this:

It's called Autumn in Rivendell and it is stunning! It's built on a Ketylo stick, which are incredibly popular, but don't work well for me (and my wallet is thankful for that.) The color of this Ketylo hair stick goes perfectly with this piece and it reminds me of Autumn in my childhood. I remember stomping on fallen leaves. The sound of the crunching leaves, the colors and the smell of the leaves made Fall my absolute favorite. Even today, as an adult, I adore Autumn.

We're planning our count down to moving to the East Coast. We'll be moving right as the leaves begin to turn. Moving can be a major pain in the butt, especially when it's halfway around the world, but I am excited about it. I'm originally from the East Coast and I really miss the four seasons.

My kids don't remember temperatures below 70 degrees and haven't experienced a proper Autumn. I'm looking forward to raking leaves into a pile and letting them jump into the leaves, just like I did when I was a kid. Carving pumpkins here entails doing it right before Trick or Treating because they rot in the heat, which is no fun at all. It's strange; the things you miss when they aren't there anymore.

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