Friday, June 11, 2010

Introducing The New Model, Flexi8s and A Bit of Cuteness

I figured it was about time to introduce our new hair model. My neighbor has graciously allowed me to use her hair to experiment on and take pictures. I really feel I can't honestly recommend anything without getting the opinion of someone who has hair completely different from mine.

Lyndsey has color treated, heat styled hair. The ends are currently dry, but she's giving the Triple Moon Anointing Oil a test run to see if it helps out the condition of her ends. I ordered some more Panacea Salve and she'll be using that as soon as it arrives, as well.

This is her hair as it is this evening, washed yesterday and blowdried (I've been trying to get her to put down the blowdryer. She did shelf the flat iron finally!):

As you can see, it's about arm pit length. I've brought over Flexi8s, Ficcare Maximas, lotions, oils, salves, forks, etc, to try them out on her hair. I'll be occasionally posting pictures to show what's working on her hair to help out you folks with hair different from mine.

Here is her hair in a cinnabun held with a Medium Flexi8:

To highlight the differences in our hair, here is mine in the same style with an XXL Flexi8:

We both like the Flexi8 for holding our cinnabuns. She also commented that it didn't bother her and she wasn't aware of it during the day. Often, barrettes and ponytail holders cause her scalp to ache, as she's pretty sensitive.  So, thumbs up for the Flexi8s!

Random cuteness alert! This is my sweet little baby:

Since she's in so many of my hair shots, I figured I'd give her a hair shot of her own. I think she's pretty cute.

She walked off with my Tangle Teezer today and stashed it somewhere in her toy box. I was planning on doing an indepth review of it today, but it will have to wait until I find out where she put it. I guess I should have known purple glittery plastic was up for grabs in this house.

Anyways, stay tuned for my Tangle Teezer review coming soon!


  1. How do you make your bun with the flexi8 you bun it first and then put the flexi over the whole thing? Maybe I need to try an xxlarge instead of an xlarge?

  2. I use an XL and thread it through my nautilus bun, where the hair stick would go. To go all the way around, I need an XXL. With the XXL, I just put the pin through the underside of my bun, then fit the clasp over the top.

  3. Rebecca, thank you so much! We think she's pretty cute, too. ;-)