Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool Find: Reusable Produce Bags

***WHOOPS! I am so sorry. AMKdesigns is **NOT**closed. I put the wrong link and have now corrected it. My apologies!**

I know, I know. TWO posts in one day? The first one was unplanned, so this is the *real* post.

I know this has nothing to do with hair or photography and it's not really a random musing, but I thought it was so cool, I had to share.

Most people I know are doing at least something green. And not everyone I know is "crunchy." Even my conservative, Republican father is eating only organic food.

We try to recycle as much as we can (my husband breaks down the boxes toys come in down to peeling the plastic off the cardboard.) We try to remember to bring our reusable grocery bags. It's not just to be green, those bags hold a lot more than the plastic ones and we get $.05 off. Yeah, I know, big whoop, $.05. It's the little things here, people! We also cloth diaper our youngest because we felt guilty throwing away diapers that just sit in the landfill for hundreds of years. My husband swears it's cheaper, too, but at $20 a diaper, I strongly doubt it.

Anyway, I'm not sanctimonious about it. I understand why people use disposable diapers. I'm not judging those who chose not to recycle or use reusable bags.

A friend of mine uses a phrase that I really like: "conveniently green". Basically, if you use just one cloth diaper once, that's one less diaper in the landfill. Doing little things that don't make life that much harder for you can make a difference. We try to live conveniently green.

Moving along...I loathe those flimsy plastic produce bags with a fiery passion. They're difficult to open and they don't hold large things like bunches of bananas. Try putting leeks in one- I'll bet you can't close that bad boy.

I found a seller on Etsy that makes these mesh reusable produce bags. They're awesome! They come with their own carrying bag. The carrying bag comes in a bunch of different patterns and the mesh bags close with a drawstring ribbon that matches the carrying bag. The bag also has a connector to attach it to your reusable grocery bags or the inside of your purse or your belt loop. Convenient!

 ***Just in!! If you make a purchase from AKMDesigns on Etsy between now and June 30th, mention "Jessica sent me" in the notes and Andrea will send some extra items in your order!!*** 


They close tightly and you don't have to fumble with trying to tie that flimsy plastic. The package comes with six reusable bags and all of them, believe it or not, fold up very small to fit in the carrying bag.

I bought an extra three XL bags for larger items. Those things are so big, I could fit TWO bunches of bananas in them. If you're like me and buy a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, you'll find these things awesome!

If you want to buy your own awesome set, you can find them at . Mine came super fast and are very well made.

 ***Just in!! If you make a purchase from AKMDesigns on Etsy between now and June 30th, mention "Jessica sent me" in the notes and Andrea will send some extra items in your order!!***


  1. Thanks for the cool idea, i actually was going to buy a set, but her shop is closed until july 4th! GAH!
    I will probably still go get a set when she reopens,..i hate those produce bags too...i had a nightmare once about being the only one in the grocery store who could get them open, and i was so swamped by octogenarians for help with them that i could never leave the store( i lived in FL at the time) like hotel california, i was allowed in but i could never leave! it was horrible!

  2. Whoops- they are not closed. I linked to the wrong store! Sorry!!