Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grahtoe Studios

I just saw this and had to share. My favorite Etsy store, Grahtoe Studios, made this gorgeous spalted holly hair fork. It's absolutely stunning with creamy white holly wood and blue, gray, black spalted through.

I personally own many Grahtoe pieces and the craftsmanship on their work is incredible. The really nice thing about their work is that the same fork can work for hair my length or for my neighbor, with shoulder length hair.

Often, before I rave about products, I try them out on my neighbor. She has shoulder length, color treated hair. It's so different than mine that when I find something that can be used by both of us, I know I have a winner. 

Grahtoe can customize their forks and will adjust the length of the tines, depending on your needs.  They often have exotic woods, but they use rescued as often as they can, which is really appealing to me. Grahtoe is owned by a husband and wife team and they are just amazing to work with. One of my first forks was a custom. I am a terrible artist, so I just described what I wanted in my favorite wood (cardinal, in case you were curious,) and Kimi drew up exactly what I envisioned. She's definitely intuitive when it comes to designs.

Grahtoe also makes antler hair sticks. I won't lie, it grossed me out and I swore I would *never* own antler. The antler is shed from live deer and picked up by people that sell the antlers to craftsman. No deer are harmed by the making of the antler hair sticks. The antler sticks were so interesting to me that I finally just went ahead and ordered some. Once I got past the ick factor, I discovered that antler is beautiful and so strong, I couldn't break it no matter how hard I tried. My antler hair sticks are topped with purple heart wood and are among my favorite hair accessories. I have to say, I doubt I will ever see someone else with hair sticks quite like mine.

Here are the purple heart wood topped antler hair sticks in a nautilus bun:

A good rule of thumb about hair forks is to buy something that's no longer than the length of your hand.  

I bought S, my five year old daughter, her first hair fork from Grahtoe. They made it custom to fit her. I measured her hand to get a good fit. She loves it and it's sturdy enough that I don't need to worry about it breaking. The tines are also blunted on her fork so she can't poke herself with it.

If you're looking for a beautiful, quality hair accessory, I can't recommend Grahtoe enough. Anything that can work for so many types of hair is worth it, in my opinion.

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  1. I am so flattered, i am blushing... thank you so much for you kind reviews and words of encouragement about our art! we sure appreciate you!! wow! my love tank is full enough to go for days on this! I did not know your neighbor was a tester with you, how fun HEEHEEE!
    You are adored, too by the way by us!
    Love to you