Friday, June 4, 2010

Progress Shots

You know why diet programs and makeovers always use before and after photos? Because they work. I know I like looking at dramatic transformations, be it make-up, weight loss,  or plastic surgery.

I figured I might be able to dig out some old pictures from before I started to grow my hair. I don't know that it's as dramatic as a 50 pound weight loss, but it's kind of exciting when you think about how slowly hair grows.

So, here goes...

I didn't really start taking length shots until early 2009, so I had to dig through random pictures of me.

My first photo comes from February 2007. I think I'm about shoulder length here. It's weird to look at this photo because I sure look pasty and pale. I guess that's what happens when you move to Hawaii and get a perma-tan.

This next one is from about August of 2007.  This was taken on the beach in New Hampshire (yes, there really is a beach in New Hampshire.) It's grown a few inches since the last shot and has highlights in it. I think it looks way healthier now.

I have no shots of my hair between that shot and the next one.  This on is in April of 2009. I think I was about a little past bra strap length here. I don't think I had reached waist quite yet.

This next shot was purely accidental. My husband took this shot of my back while we were vacationing in London last November (2009). I had put a "demi" color in it, making it a darker color. That only lasted for a little over a month before completely washing out. It was during my time in London that I re-evaluated my hair and what it meant to me and committed myself to healthier hair.

             You can just see my baby's sweet little head poking out of my coat.

I think I even look different from just a few years ago. My face has thinned out and lost that "baby fat" look to it. I never thought I'd be prettier older than younger, but I think I am.

I can't believe how much my hair has grown in only three years! I can't believe how much my hair condition has improved in just a few months. This goes to show you that it's really never too late to help the condition of your hair.

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  1. Improving with awesome is that!

    Your hair progress is awesome - it looks like pregnancy doesn't hurt it a bit either.