Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying the Treseme Fresh Start and Grahtoe Temptations

I clarified my hair this evening and boy, was it overdue! My hair feels amazing again; so clean! I used Lush Big Shampoo. It's a little weird because you're scrubbing your head with sea salt, but it works better than anything else I've tried. I know tomorrow my hair is going to be so shiny and bouncy again. Never again am I going this long without clarifying.

I bought some of that Treseme Fresh Start Spray and wasn't impressed. It's kind of like scented water spray. The scent isn't too bad, but it really didn't do too much for my five year old's hair.

I much prefer hair mists from Lilypad Bathworks (in whatever scent you want!) for the same purpose. Sofie loves her hair mist in the Candy Fluff dupe.

I got a message from Grahtoe yesterday and I was doomed. They made an applewood fork mermaid's tail with a perched owl. My dream fork! I asked them to hold it until we move since the movers are coming Monday (!) and we'll be between addresses. I will certainly post action shots as soon as I receive the fork.  That's just one thing I love about Grahtoe- they really get their customers.

I may be off the radar for a while while we're moving, but I have my MacBook and will update as much as I can. 

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grahtoe Knot?

I've been playing around with new buns, trying to come up with something to name in honor of Grahtoe Studio. ....maybe I should rename this blog "Crazy For Grahtoe...."

Anyway, it's similar to a Nautilus bun, but wrapped differently.

 I've been doing research to make sure this hasn't been done before, but I'm planning on calling it the "Grahtoe Knot," (with Grahtoe's permission, of course. )

What do you guys think? (Please excuse the unbrushed hair. It looks neater when I comb my hair first.)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Wood and Owls

I know I've been gushing about Grahtoe Studio a lot lately, but I just saw an announcement about a new shipment of wood they've received and I am excited!

They announced that they now have apple wood which is currently uncut and prime for custom orders. I love apple wood.

Apple wood is traditionally symbolic of fertility (which doesn't limit it to your fertility. Think of the word "fertile." It can apply to a fertile mind, or fertile land, etc,) and also to peace, happiness and plenty (that's where that fertility comes in.) It can also be applied towards love.

What a wonderful wood to wear in your hair! I'm trying so hard not to buy anything because of the house, but I am sorely tempted by Grahtoe's acquisition of apple wood and I think I may get something small.

Grahtoe also has cocobolo ("rose wood") and zircote wood with mostly dark staining, just ready to be cut.

I've also been thinking a lot about owls lately. I love owls. They're my favorite animal. I've been trying to resist purchasing owl hair accessories.

Grahtoe made a fork with an owl medallion. I much prefer a perched owl and this one is in flight, so I am thankful for that. If it were a perched owl, I would have to buy it.

If Grahtoe makes a apple wood fork with a perched owl- I am doomed.

Speaking of owls, check out this awesome buffalo horn comb from Quecraft:

I'm a huge fan of horn combs. One can never have too many (especially in this house where my kids like to snag them and sword fight with them.)

I've ordered from Quecraft on Etsy once before and was satisfied with my purchase.

One final announcement; Grahtoe has extended their free hair stick promotion through the end of the month. Purchase a hair fork and get a FREE matching hair stick!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grahtoe Special

Grahtoe Studio has set a goal of 1000 sales by the end of September. They're only twelve away from their goal.

As a special incentive to help Grahtoe achieve their goal, they're giving away a free matching hairstick with purchase on the last few items until the goal is reached.

Check out this fun and eye-catching "Cyclops" fork. Remember your mom or teacher telling you they had eyes in the back of their head? Now you can have one, too! This would be a fun fork to wear for Halloween, too.

These matching "micro" forks are perfect to use in place of hair pins. They're large enough to stand out, but are perfect if you're looking for something a little smaller than Grahtoe's usual offerings.

They're designed after my personal favorite style, the Mermaid's Tail and are made of gorgeous teak.

Check out Grahtoe Studios to see what kinds of new forks they have up and help them reach their goal!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Help RavensCroft Clear The Shelves

I recently featured one of Ravenscroft's fabulous moon forks, which are unlike anything else I've seen. Unfortunately, her store will be closing on September 26th due to illness.

Let's help her clear her shelves out while acquiring one of her amazing pieces for perhaps the last time.

Here's a beautiful Goddess hair stick. I love the shape of this. It's classically Goddess, but so functional.

The grain on the wood is just gorgeous.

Swing by Ravenscroft's Etsy store and see if something strikes your fancy.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cool Find: Skeleton Cameo Fork by Grahtoe

Check out this AWESOME skeleton cameo fork from Grahtoe Studios:

With Halloween rapidly approaching, this cameo fork is sure to be popular!

I think it's such a cool twist on an old favorite. You'd have to look a little closely to even realize that it is a skeleton. With the beautiful hair style the skeleton sports, I absolutely adore the cameo!

Grab it fast, because this on is sure to fly off the shelves!

Friday, September 10, 2010

It Fits!

I can't believe it! After feeling like I haven't lost any more weight for a while, I decided to try on a corset I made almost three years ago. This was pre-Winnie, of course.

I put the corset on by myself and hooked the front busk closed. I was a little shocked at how easily it closed since I'd had to fight with it a bit in the past, even unlaced.

I turned around to see my back in the mirror while I tightened the laces. The laces were already tightened! I pulled as hard as I could and it closed all the way in the back and was still too loose! Before I had Winnie, I couldn't even close the back all the way, no matter how much I tightened it. I was just too big!

This may call for a new corset! I'm so excited!

**And if anyone is curious, I used Laughing Moon Merchantile's Silverado Pattern.**

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Treseme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo: A Good Solution To Post Workout Greasies?

I've run into a predicament. I've been hitting the gym every day and getting sweaty and gross. With hair this long, if I washed every day, my hair would never dry. Plus, it would wash out all those lovely oils I purposely put into my hair to keep it nice.

I used to use dusting powders from Lush to help absorb oil in between washings to help stretch out my washes. I like using Candy Fluff on my roots as it smells fabulous and really does absorb the oil.

 But Candy Fluff ain't cutting it for the after work-out greasies and besides, sweat is a lot grosser than just regular hair oil.

What to do, what to do...? I've been just wearing it up every day to hide the disgusting mess my hair has become, but I need a better solution.

I recently saw an advertisement on the television for a new dry shampoo from Treseme. I'm not a big fan of Treseme, even though their shampoo and conditioner comes in larger bottles for less money. It's just never really worked for me, although I know some people really like their stuff.

"Fresh Start Dry Shampoo" comes in packaging that looks just like a can of hairspray. The website says to spray your roots evenly, brush out, then style as usual. While I'm a little wary of spraying anything on my hair, I might give this stuff a shot.

I've just got to figure out how to handle my hair now that I'm working out and getting it sweaty.

Has anyone tried this stuff? I've been on the lookout for it in the grocery stores, but things come slowly to Hawaii (we still don't have Sonic or Chic-fil-a!) If I hear good things about it, I may end up having a friend pick some up and mail it to me.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Length Shot

Way overdue on this one.

My sister trimmed half an inch off the bottom while she was here, but I think it grew back pretty quickly.

I'm inching my way closer to classic length every day!