Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Wood and Owls

I know I've been gushing about Grahtoe Studio a lot lately, but I just saw an announcement about a new shipment of wood they've received and I am excited!

They announced that they now have apple wood which is currently uncut and prime for custom orders. I love apple wood.

Apple wood is traditionally symbolic of fertility (which doesn't limit it to your fertility. Think of the word "fertile." It can apply to a fertile mind, or fertile land, etc,) and also to peace, happiness and plenty (that's where that fertility comes in.) It can also be applied towards love.

What a wonderful wood to wear in your hair! I'm trying so hard not to buy anything because of the house, but I am sorely tempted by Grahtoe's acquisition of apple wood and I think I may get something small.

Grahtoe also has cocobolo ("rose wood") and zircote wood with mostly dark staining, just ready to be cut.

I've also been thinking a lot about owls lately. I love owls. They're my favorite animal. I've been trying to resist purchasing owl hair accessories.

Grahtoe made a fork with an owl medallion. I much prefer a perched owl and this one is in flight, so I am thankful for that. If it were a perched owl, I would have to buy it.

If Grahtoe makes a apple wood fork with a perched owl- I am doomed.

Speaking of owls, check out this awesome buffalo horn comb from Quecraft:

I'm a huge fan of horn combs. One can never have too many (especially in this house where my kids like to snag them and sword fight with them.)

I've ordered from Quecraft on Etsy once before and was satisfied with my purchase.

One final announcement; Grahtoe has extended their free hair stick promotion through the end of the month. Purchase a hair fork and get a FREE matching hair stick!

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