Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Grahtoe Knot?

I've been playing around with new buns, trying to come up with something to name in honor of Grahtoe Studio. ....maybe I should rename this blog "Crazy For Grahtoe...."

Anyway, it's similar to a Nautilus bun, but wrapped differently.

 I've been doing research to make sure this hasn't been done before, but I'm planning on calling it the "Grahtoe Knot," (with Grahtoe's permission, of course. )

What do you guys think? (Please excuse the unbrushed hair. It looks neater when I comb my hair first.)


  1. It looks beautiful.
    It's always fun to see a lady in public with an impressive bun style and imagine what her full hair length may be.

  2. I LOVE the way it looks and can't even imagine how youget that look! it reminds me of a fortune cookie! but i like grahtoe knot better:D You totally rock!!

  3. It's totally easy, too. I can't wait to do a tutorial on this one. :-)

  4. I stumbled onto your site a couple days ago when I was searching for reviews on the ouchless hairbrush (I need something for my daughters because it's a nightmare when it comes to brushing their long locks)... Anyhow- I, to, have incredibly long, thick hair. I LOVE this bun you came up with and was curious if you ever created a tutorial (or video) on how to recreate this? I love the slightly "messy" look- this would be great to add to my hairstyle repertoire. I know you posted this ages ago- but figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.