Monday, September 20, 2010

Help RavensCroft Clear The Shelves

I recently featured one of Ravenscroft's fabulous moon forks, which are unlike anything else I've seen. Unfortunately, her store will be closing on September 26th due to illness.

Let's help her clear her shelves out while acquiring one of her amazing pieces for perhaps the last time.

Here's a beautiful Goddess hair stick. I love the shape of this. It's classically Goddess, but so functional.

The grain on the wood is just gorgeous.

Swing by Ravenscroft's Etsy store and see if something strikes your fancy.


  1. I'm so sad that she's closing. I still, even with the sale, don't feel like I can justify buying anything. I really hope that her health improves soon!

  2. I'm sad she's closing, too. Her stuff is amazing and I'm hoping that the illness in her family resolves and everyone is okay.