Friday, September 10, 2010

It Fits!

I can't believe it! After feeling like I haven't lost any more weight for a while, I decided to try on a corset I made almost three years ago. This was pre-Winnie, of course.

I put the corset on by myself and hooked the front busk closed. I was a little shocked at how easily it closed since I'd had to fight with it a bit in the past, even unlaced.

I turned around to see my back in the mirror while I tightened the laces. The laces were already tightened! I pulled as hard as I could and it closed all the way in the back and was still too loose! Before I had Winnie, I couldn't even close the back all the way, no matter how much I tightened it. I was just too big!

This may call for a new corset! I'm so excited!

**And if anyone is curious, I used Laughing Moon Merchantile's Silverado Pattern.**


  1. What a great feeling!! congrats on that and getting to have a new pretty corset :D