Thursday, September 30, 2010

Trying the Treseme Fresh Start and Grahtoe Temptations

I clarified my hair this evening and boy, was it overdue! My hair feels amazing again; so clean! I used Lush Big Shampoo. It's a little weird because you're scrubbing your head with sea salt, but it works better than anything else I've tried. I know tomorrow my hair is going to be so shiny and bouncy again. Never again am I going this long without clarifying.

I bought some of that Treseme Fresh Start Spray and wasn't impressed. It's kind of like scented water spray. The scent isn't too bad, but it really didn't do too much for my five year old's hair.

I much prefer hair mists from Lilypad Bathworks (in whatever scent you want!) for the same purpose. Sofie loves her hair mist in the Candy Fluff dupe.

I got a message from Grahtoe yesterday and I was doomed. They made an applewood fork mermaid's tail with a perched owl. My dream fork! I asked them to hold it until we move since the movers are coming Monday (!) and we'll be between addresses. I will certainly post action shots as soon as I receive the fork.  That's just one thing I love about Grahtoe- they really get their customers.

I may be off the radar for a while while we're moving, but I have my MacBook and will update as much as I can. 


  1. Oh no, you told them your weakness, so they created it! :D

    Good luck with the move. Let me know once you're settled, if you want to get together.

  2. Aamba, that sounds like fun! I'll definitely let you know. :-)

  3. do you clarify becuase you use cones, or jsut because? i have wondered about that, i went no cones last year but my hair really likes cones...Can't wait to hear you are in your new house!! WE do aim to please, so if you tell us your hearts desire besure it will become reality! :D

  4. I clarify because I use cones. I think even if you don't use cones you should still clarify at least once in a while, just to really clean your hair.

  5. A perched owl?! I saw the owl in flight and thought "ooh, OWL!" then "aww, I wish he wasn't in flight"

    I can't wait to see it. I've been thinking about getting my first fork, and I may need to ask about the possibility of an owl adorning it.