Monday, June 28, 2010

Taking A Tour of the Island Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning, Lyndsey and I are taking a tour of Hawaii via her minivan. I'm pretty excited about it because it'll be the first time I take my shiny new camera out. I'm also mildly paranoid about taking the camera out.

Hawaiian landmarks like Pali Lookout, Halona Blowhole and other sites that you drive straight up to are hot spots for thieves. Rental cars in particular are targeted. It's probably because few tourists are around long enough to prosecute.

The last time we drove out to Halona Blowhole, I took the path down to the cove, snapped some shots, then went back up. In that short amount of time, someone had walked up to a rental car, smashed the window, stolen the handbag in the passenger seat and split. I watched to see who walked back to that car, then went to see if I could help at all. The couple who had rented the car had recently arrived on holiday from German and were scared and horrified that their personal items were stolen. I helped them call 911 and talked to the operator for them. I was surprised that the rental agency hadn't warned them that rental cars are targeted by thieves. I really felt bad for them that  I guess it says a lot about Germany that the woman thought nothing of leaving her handbag in the front seat.

So, yeah, nervous about taking the shiny, new expensive camera out. I am excited to be out taking photos without any children to cater to. I'm hoping I might be so lucky as to take a few good length shots in front of beautiful scenery, but my hair might not cooperate. (My hair tangles terribly with the slightest breeze.)

I'm hoping to post some awesome shots here tomorrow. I hope you guys don't mind photos of island paradise. ;-)

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