Saturday, June 12, 2010

New Arrivals: Nightblooming Hairsticks and A Bit of Tea in Underland

I got my gorgeous new Nightblooming hairsticks! They're of a perfect length and look a lot like arrows. Of course I have action shots!

I love them! They really do look a lot like arrows!

Friday evening! I bought the movie Alice in Wonderland on Blu Ray. I'm a huge fan of Tim Burton, although I seldom admit to it since it's so cliche nowadays. Heck, I even loved Frankenweenie.

I saw the movie in the theater and loved it. I'm sitting here watching it again, and I must say, I am loving Alice's hair. I'm planning a recreation, just for fun.

The first style she wears is constricted and tightly bound, which fits in well with her Victorian constraints. It looks like two twists wrapped like milkmaid braids and firmly pinned into place.

The hairstyles after she enters Underland gets loose and flowing, like her clothing. Absolutely stunning!

It's so nice to see such gorgeous long hair in a  movie. It's a shame that she cut it into a pixie shortly after the movie premiered, though.

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