Saturday, July 3, 2010

New Experiment

I'm trying a new experiment.

There are tons of websites that have scanned in old beauty books (really, really old beauty books.) I really enjoy reading through those. Some of the old tips for beauty are just wild and some of the books describe characteristics of people based on their hair color. "Black haired persons are serious, but if they have a widow's peak, they are untrustworthy and not marriage material."

The books contain recipes for hair tonics. The recipes are varied and some contain some pretty gross ingredients. Sheep's urine, animal lard and cooking grease are some of the stranger ingredients. I kind of wonder how one would acquire sheep's urine. 

Anyway, one of those old books swore that a person could stimulate hair growth by pulling their hair. There were pictures accompanying the directions. Basically, you run your fingers through your hair, gently tugging on the strands as you move over your head. The key here is gently.

I looked around on the internet for anecdotes about pulling hair for hair growth. I read that some people put tight cornrow braids in their hair, attempting to promote growth.  Several people swore that cornrows are a great way to make hair grow. I personally think that the growth is just because it's more obvious as braids grow out, not that it's actually growing faster.

There were a few threads on the LHC about hair pulling to promote growth along with various anecdotes about friends who've done it and had hair growth.

Scalp stimulation has long been considered a viable treatment for thinning hair. I figured I'd give it try, for science's sake, of course.

I did it for the first time this morning. My plan is to pull my hair every morning after I get up and comb my hair.  I will say this, it does feel good. If for no other reason, I'll probably keep doing it for relaxation.

And of course, here's my disclaimer: Please do not pull your hair out. If you pull too firmly on your hair, it could come out or you could develop traction alopecia. If it doesn't feel good, you're pulling too hard.

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