Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

Whoa, I've been busy!

 As you guys know, we're moving to the mainland in about eight weeks. Since we plan to buy a house once we get there, I've been doing the legwork to get there.

Yesterday, I spent over two hours on the phone with Mortgage Company X*. I was just trying to get some basic information on mortgages, since I knew absolutely nothing about buying a house. I ended up being preauthorized and now have the funding to buy a house.

I'm still stunned that it was that easy!

So, now we get to go house shopping! The only problem is, we're halfway around the world from where we're moving. Luckily, we have a realtor that will help us find the perfect house.

In mid August, I'll be flying out to look at the houses in person. I loathe flying. I have to take medication just to get on a flight, because I'm so terrified. I would have sent my husband, but my best friend lives pretty close to where I'll be looking. I can stay with her and rent a car to see houses.

I'm be trying to see some local things so that I can take pictures and post them here.

Anyway, I know this post is way off the mark, but buying your first house is exciting, thrilling and terrifying and I just had to share.

*Not their real name.

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  1. it is fun to buy your first house, our experience has proved that it is overrated and we should have rented, but we don't have children, we bought an old house and the month we moved in things started breaking....its been a mess since!!!:D but we are here, not homeless...i am excited for you !!! and you will get to enjoy fall!