Sunday, July 25, 2010

Moonlit Walk and Length Shot

I took Daisy for a long walk last night. It was almost a full moon and the light was so bright, it was beautiful. I wore my hair down and imagined the moon hitting my hair. I don't know what it looked like, but I really enjoyed thinking about it.

Tonight is a full moon and I'm going to take Daisy for another long walk while wearing my hair down. It's thought (by some) that moonlight can be healing.

I personally really enjoy star and moon light. It reminds me of reading Many Waters by Madeline L'Engle when I was a child. When the main characters, Sandy and Dennys were badly burned by the sun, they spent the evenings being healed by the starlight. What a beautiful image!

I took another length shot. I'm not pleased with it because my ends look like crap. Whenever I wear my hair in a braid, the tassle end of the braid ends up looking wonky until I get my hair wet. It's not damaged or dry, it just looks it. I can't figure out how not to get wonky ends from braids.

Anyway, just because this is how I roll, I'm going to share it with you guys.

See what I mean? Those ends look like crap! The braid waves are pretty, though. If I could just figure out how to get the braid waves and have my ends look normal, I'd be all set.

Oh, and look at how loose my pants are! They're sagging from my bottom. I really need to buy new pants.

In other news, I will be flying out to PA in a few weeks to start house shopping. I plan to take photos while I'm out there. I'll be visiting my best friend at the same time, so I'm really excited about going. (That and being without the kids for five days- what will I do with myself? I do feel bad for my husband, though.;-) )


  1. You're moving to PA? That's fairly close to me! :)

    I think your ends looks fine, personally, but I know I always feel uncomfortable with my own braid tassel. I'm always trying to do things to tuck it under after I braid in the hopes that protects the hair, but I don't know if it actually does.

  2. like you never had the kids withouth the DH?! it is harder for them, but he will survive and you will have a beautiful time!
    i hated the way braid ends looked on my hait too, i started leaving it a little longet of a tail and rolling it into a little pin curl there, that helped them stay smoother! but i don't do it much, i hate the way braids feel, they look really cool, but they make my head itch...? don't aske me,i have tried versions, and ideas from all places...i think its becuase i still have some layers, they must work thier way in to poke at my scalp...

  3. You're far too critical of your picture.
    You're hair looks absolutely wonderful, enjoy every bit of it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Aamba, I'm actually moving to Maryland, but will be staying in PA with my friend and commuting to MD to house shop.

    Kim, I'm a little nervous about C being alone with the kids. It's a mom thing, I guess. C tends to get a little distracted. I can't tell you how many times I've walked downstairs and found C completely immersed in his computer and Winnie dancing on top of the table, completely unsupervised.

    Thank you, Bill. You always have such nice things to say about my hair. :-)

  5. Ahhhh! Even better. Oh my gosh, I'm all excited now. I live in MD. Columbia. Let me know when you're here and settled in and we'll get together :D