Friday, July 16, 2010

Brief Update: Order of Monistat and The Morbid The Merrier

Just a brief little update...

I finally went ahead and ordered 3 boxes of Monistat 4% from They only had them in the prefilled applicators, so this will be interesting. I've hit a bit of a stall, I think, and I'm blaming it on my diet. I'll take a picture for you guys right before I apply the Monistat and then again, two weeks later, so you guys can see any changes.

I've been working on talking Lyndsey into putting down the flat iron, and she did a few months ago, but was still using the blow drier. She finally put that down and she's been excitedly showing me the much improved condition of her hair. It's growing really fast, too, whereas, she had complained before that her hair never grows. I'd say it's hitting between her shoulder blades now. As soon as I get a minute, I'm going to dash over and take a length shot from her to put up here.

I used to love bath products. My bath product budget has mostly been overtaken by hair accessories now, but I placed a few orders recently, just for fun.

I ordered some fragrance, lip balm and bath powder from The Morbid The Merrier on Etsy. I am in love with their "Harlot" lip balm in Funnel Cake. It smells and tastes absolutely scrumptious. I'm not a lip balm person, but I really like these. I placed another order and when I get that, I will do a proper review, but in the meantime, I'll share a little bit about my first order.

It seems like a lot of the perfumers with a darker edge (BPAL, Moona Lisa, etc) have some version of an absinthe scent. I haven't tried either BPAL's or Moona Lisa's, but I have tried some from now-defunct online companies. I'm honestly not very fond of the smell of absinthe due to a few too many absinthe-fueled nights in Germany. (The kind where you partake just a bit too much and the mere thought of drinking that beverage again makes you dry heave. *shudder*)

The Morbid The Merrier has Cocoa D'Absinthe, which is cocoa and absinthe (duh.) The cocoa smell is rich and true and the absinthe is almost an afterthought. It's a beautiful scent.

I made my husband smell it since he's familiar with absinthe, as well, and loves chocolate. He took the sample bottle tentatively, brought it to his nose and lightly inhaled. His eyes widened and he brought it back for a second whiff. "This smells good!" he pronounced. That really impressed me since he's not really a big fragrance person.

The lip balm comes in these oval tubes. For someone who constantly loses lipstick and lip balm due to rollage, oval tubes are sheer genius.

The bath powders come in these awesome boxes, which are tied up with ribbon. The box is cardboard, but is so cute that it's easy to reuse. In fact, it's the perfect size to store hair sticks. ;-)

Anyway, I'll do a proper review of The Morbid The Merrier once I receive my next order.


  1. When I tried to get 4% from I was told I had to have a prescription! I'll have to go back and try again...

  2. What? That's crazy! I ordered this:
    without any issues and it is certainly over-the-counter.

  3. Ooo, that really is 4%. I think I must have zipped by that one thinking it was 2%. Thanks!

  4. Wel, i don't know anything about absinthe, and although i am curious i would hate to have something terrible i paid for and can't use so until i can smell it in person that will have to wait, but YEHAW! for oval lip blam tubes! DUH!?!?! why did it take until 2010 for someone to come up with that one?!>!??? i got my first one from in watermelon, and its divine! in the middle of the night when i reach for it, it doesn't race away to live behind the nightstand for months!

  5. Absinthe smells like black licorice. It's certainly a very distinctive smell! With the cocoa, it's awesome.

    I wish we lived closer, Kim. We could hang out, but also, I could share my vast perfume collection.

  6. Ooh, I love the smell of absinthe--or at least, the perfume version. I've never smelled or tasted the real thing, sadly! I'm a big black licorice fan, so I've gotta check these out. And the Funnel Cake one sounds amazing. Crap! I really don't need another etailer addiction, LOL. ;D

  7. Ooh, I LOVE the smell of absinthe--or at least, the perfume version. Sadly, I've never tried the real thing! I love black licorice, so I need to check those Morbid the Merrier scents out. The awesome name doesn't hurt, either! (Although I really don't need another etailer addiction...)

    On a related note, I'd love to read about your perfume collection! Maybe? *hopeful face*

  8. My perfume collection? I can do a post on that, but it would probably be a very looonnng post. :-)