Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kailua Beach and Halona Blowhole

Today, we went out to Kailua Beach and then Halona Blowhole.

Kailua's water was blue and vibrant and absolutely stunning. It was so windy that sand just kept blowing in my face. I still have sand in my ears and hair.

At Halona Blowhole, we hiked down to the cove and my dad and sister jumped off the cliffs. The  current was so rough, I was worried about it yanking them underneath.


  1. i have alwasy wanted to watch a blow hole in person..the times wae went to one in FL it was a clam day, tide was wrong..never worked out! The pictures are beautiful! so glad you are all safe!
    love to you

  2. Did you go to Island Snow in Kailua?

  3. Nope, we just took a drive up the coast and didn't hit any of the islands, although we were really close to Flat Island.