Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sale Alert: Grah-toe and A Beautiful Fog

I woke up in Pennsylvania to a beautiful fog. We don't really have fog like this in Hawaii, so I was so excited and took a short walk to take it in.

Also, Grahtoe Studios is having a sale! The "End of Summer" Sale includes everything in stock, but does not include customs. Have you had your eye on a special fork or mermaid tail? Now is the time to buy!

For Saturday and Sunday, everything in stock is 25% off. The 25% will be refunded via paypal after purchase.

Look at this gorgeous mermaid's tail;

The wood is absolutely stunning!

These leaf sticks are so cute;

I love the grain on these ones.

Make sure to head over to Grahtoe Studios to check out what else they have before everything is gone!

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