Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bid on a House and Thinking of My Grandma

We made an offer on an older Cape Cod house right on the water. The basement is finished and it has lovely hardwood floors. I don't want to post pictures of the house until we know it's ours, but you can be sure as soon as I know a thing, I'll be posting pictures here.

The house has been on the market since March and the price has dropped a lot since it was originally listed. It was listed originally about $100,000 too high and apparently the seller realized it pretty quickly since the price dropped so much.

My trip back east rejuvenated me and made me that much more excited to get back to the mainland as quickly as we can. Fingers crossed everything goes well and we end up getting our dream house.

When I got back home, I received some bad news. My mother didn't want to add any stress to my trip, so she didn't break the news until I was settled back home. My grandmother got a blood clot in her leg and the doctors didn't get to it in time. They put a stint in to help it out but discovered there was no pulse in her leg a few days later. The decision was made to amputate her leg. They're trying to save the other leg and I'm just praying that she makes it through this.

When Mom told me the news I felt almost numb. I didn't cry until I told my husband that my grandmother had lost her leg. The floodgates opened and I just sobbed about it. What makes me sad more than anything is that we're in the middle of a very expensive venture and I can't afford to go to see my grandmother.

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