Sunday, August 8, 2010

Cool Find: Buddha Bunz Dryer Balls

I do a lot of laundry with five people in my house (including one in cloth diapers!) Anything that cuts down on my laundry time is awesome to me.

One thing that drives me nuts about laundry is that the wash is done in half an hour, but the dryer is still going. Drying things slows me down on laundry day. I'm not allowed to line dry clothing here due to housing rules, otherwise I'd be doing that quite a bit.

I've been using Buddha Bunz wool dryer balls for a few months now. It's kind of like adding super yummy smelling tennis balls to your dryer. The wool balls bounce around and help the heat circulate, cutting down on dryer time.

Buddha Balls sells wool balls in myriad different colors and even has balls with pictures on them!

Aren't those cute?

You can have them scented in your choice of fragrance. They have a large range of scents from Monkey Farts (pineapple, orange, banana, apple, rum and coconut) to Lemon Drop, Cupcake and Christmas Splendor ("fresh cut pine boughs of balsam, pine and fir with cinnamon sticks, ground clove and a base note of dried holiday fruits and oak moss.") 

You can also choose to buy the fragrance oils and scent the balls yourself. At a mere $1.25 for a bottle of fragrance, you can drench the balls yourself as much as you care to.

I initially bought three purple dryer balls scented in Pumpkin Spice. The fragrance is amazing and months later, I can still smell the scent on my dryer balls.  The seller did a great job of drenching the balls in the scent and, while I was worried that the fragrance oil might harm my clothes, I've had no issues with that.

Buddha Balls has a "color of the month" feature that allows you to purchase a preselected color for a discounted cost of $7 per ball (unscented- add a dollar for scented). You can also select your own color for $11 for the scented version and $10 for the unscented. You can also opt for undyed balls for $5 for unscented or $6 for scented. This month, the color is a vibrant emerald green.

This time, I purchased two more balls in the color of the month and bought fragrance oils in Pumpkin Spice (smells amazing) and Christmas Splendor. (It's August, I know, but I've been known to melt my Laughing Out Loud tarts in Christmas Tree scent in June.)

If you're looking to eliminate fabric softener but still want to scent your laundry while cutting down on drying time at the same time, check out Buddha Bunz.


  1. you find the coolest stuff! i have to go look at these, that has been one of the things i never understood, its like you need 2 dryers and 1 washer to get stuff done efficiently...this sounds noisy is it?

  2. The balls are soft so the noise is minimum. I don't even notice a difference, really.

  3. Do they help collect large amounts of human hair? Mine is so long it gets all over everything.