Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Picturlicious- New House, Hairstyle and a Butterfly

I was watching t.v. with my daughter today and saw a commercial for a cool toy that I wanted. The new Disney Pixar movie, Tangled, is coming out soon and they've already started to release toys. The commercial was for a Rapunzel doll.

You clip the ends of her hair to these birds and turn a crank and it makes a three strand rope braid. I wish birds would rope braid my hair. It sure would save me a lot of time. But I guess then I'd have to worry about bird poop.

Anyway, the doll was very pretty and of course I have a soft spot for Rapunzel. I know what Sofie will be getting from Santa Claus this year.

 The sellers of the house I wanted finally got back to us with a counter offer, which we promptly accepted. Now I just have to wait for the contract to be signed by the seller. The one thing I'm concerned about it whether or not it has 100 amps and if it's knob and tube wired. If it is, I'm going to have a hard time finding home owners insurance. I'm pretty sure that it's not, but I could be wrong since I'm not an electrician. These are things we'll find out from the inspection. Fingers crossed!

It's listed as a Cape Cod style house, but I've heard it referred to as a Dutch Colonial, as well. My best friend's husband said it looks like something from Amityville. I think it looks like AWESOME!

The back yard is fenced in with chain link fence which is covered in English Ivy. I love English Ivy and I think it makes the fence look beautiful.

The kitchen is tiny and will eventually be remodeled, but it's not something that I'm overly concerned about at this point. Look at these handles on the cabinets. I absolutely adore them and hope I can find them in silver.

While I was on the mainland, I had numerous people comment on my hair. It was so nice to hear people appreciate my hair. I had one lady ask my if I braided it myself or if I needed help. I style my hair all by myself with no help at all.

Just for fun, here's a picture from a few months ago. I was playing with styles and while I'm not thrilled with the results, I do think it has promise.

Also, while on the mainland, I got a few good pictures of a butterfly on a cockscomb (a type of flower that resembles the red "comb" on a male chicken's head.)

Anyone have any idea what kind of butterfly that is? The cockscomb was absolutely covered in them. I haven't seen that many butterflies in ages. It was so exciting to see so many of them at once.


  1. COOL! all of it is cool! in HI i am sure there is alot of long hair around, but where you are going, i don't know..probably not since you got noticed that quickly! and that braided bun is STUNNING! how many braids is it..just one warpped or are there a couple going in different directions? i am so bad a t figuring these things out, and you are so good! I love the house too, all of it! WOOT!

  2. The braided bun was about four or five braids. They're wrapped in alternating directions, although you can't really tell. I did a half up braid, then another braid underneath that, then another. I put the topmost braid into a bun, then wrapped the next braid around that one and so on.

  3. i think that braided bun looks beautiful.

  4. The house looks so beautiful. That is my favorite kind of style for a house. Congratulations! (And I'm so excited for myself to have you on the mainland)