Saturday, May 21, 2011

Meet Zelda

On Wednesday night, a neighbor brought over a sweet older puppy. The puppy had been tied up in
front of the firehouse he works at. We brought the pup over to visit with out poodle mix, Daisy. They seemed to get along well.

Animal Control came and took possession of the dog and gave us a receipt so that we could put in our adoption papers the following day.

The following morning, we brought our receipt and were dismayed to find that the dog had already been adopted out. We decided to take a look at some of the other animals there, since Animal Control euthanizes. We figured that we might find a dog that we loved and save it from being put to sleep.

We came across "Mopsy," a Lhasa Apso and asked to visit her. We sat in that room for a while, petting her and playing. We had Winnie along with us and "Mopsy" just loved her. We let the vet tech take her back to her crate. We stood there for about 15 minutes discussing whether "Mopsy" would fit into our family.

"Mopsy" put her paws through the cage, reaching out to us and it was over- we were getting the dog. We immediately renamed the dog Zelda, after the video game (although we pretend it's after Zelda Fitzgerald so we don't seem quite so geeky.)

Poor Zelda had had pups ten weeks before, so her breasts were still swollen. She'd been given to animal control because the owner had abandoned the dog with her sister. Her sister didn't want the dog, so she relinquished custody. We brought Zelda home that night and brought her back the next morning to get spayed.

I feel so lucky to have gotten Zelda. She is so mellow and sweet. She's a little older (9), but Lhasas have lived into their twenties! I can't believe someone relinquished such a sweet little girl.

Our dog, Daisy, is still getting used to the idea of another dog in the house, but there haven't been any fights or anything.  The kids adore Zelda and Zelda adores the kids. I'm so glad Zelda came into our lives.