Friday, April 8, 2011

Cool Find: Squiggly Hair Stick

Kimi over at Grahtoe brought these to my attention and I am completely intrigued.

It's called the "Squiggly" and it's made by an Etsy shop called Lark's Creations.

According to the maker of these interesting hair sticks, these were created out of a need for something to hold up the nautilus bun.

Here's a picture of the Squiggly in action:

Just in case there was any doubt, these are her pictures and are not of my hair.

Doesn't the Squiggly look awesome? I'll bet they hold really well, too.

At $25 it's one of the more affordable wooden hair accessories out there. If I hadn't just paid for two new custom Timberstone Turnings hair stick, I would be purchasing one of these bad boys PRONTO! If nothing else, I'll be bookmarking her shop for next month!


  1. It is an amazing design, feels great in the hand, i keep taking mine out just to hold it :D fabulous craftsmanship and great artist to work with!! if you have an updo that takes more than a 4 inch FP length fork you better get a large! LOVE IT!!!thank you Karla! and Jessica, for sharing about this really cool stick!

  2. Looks interesting, thanks for sharing! I'm also intrigued by her shampoo bars, especially since they're so reasonably priced.