Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Invisible People

So, I started school and boy, am I swamped! I'm working my tail off making sure I get good grades. Any way, I apologize for being so far behind, but I promise it's for a good reason.

I wanted to share something I stumbled upon on YouTube. As someone who has in the past utilized a battered women's shelter, I have an interest in the homeless. In fact, my Intro to Psychology class has a Service Learning assignment and I'm going to volunteer for Sarah's House, which is a local charity that helps the homeless.

Invisiblepeopletv on YouTube does two to three minute interviews with homeless people across the country. It really puts a human face on a problem that most of us forget about in our day to day lives. What surprised me is that most of the people interviewed are so full of hope. I hope you'll check out Invisiblepeopletv's YouTube Channel and watch some of the videos.

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