Friday, June 17, 2011

New Length Shots

 I figured it's high time I got you guys some length shots. These are certainly not the best, because we were trying to catch the last light of day while getting the kids down to sleep. I hope you enjoy them anyways.

I've come a long way since starting this blog. To refresh your memory:

That was taken about a year ago, I think. I've developed some serious fairy tale endings in my length, but I like them better than the blunt cut I used to have.

My hair is not that red. The light of the sunset made my hair appear much redder than it is in person. I'm not sure what's up with the waves I've developed over the year. Maybe my hair care routine did it?

I promise to get better pictures next time, when we aren't in such a hurry.

**I put up the option to "Follow Me" under "Cool People." I know there are WAY more than 11 people following this blog, so if you could kindly add yourself to the Cool People, I'll have an easier way to track my readers.

When I first put it up a year ago, it seemed pretentious. Now, I just want to see who's been reading my blog, because I know there's a lot of you! Thank you guys so much!**


  1. Spectacular! Great to see. Color and length are stunning.

  2. I just need to hire you to follow me around and tell me how pretty my hair is. :-) Your comments always cheer me up, Bill.

  3. FABULOUS! i love the red, and the fairly tale endings!!
    where is the cool people button, i want to be cool?!?! LOL :DDD

  4. You're already one of the cool people, Kim. It's just a different name for "followers." You can find it on the top right just above the Grahtoe link.