Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New England Thanksgiving and Contemplating a Cut

I hope everyone had an awesome Thanksgiving. We headed back up to New England for a very busy holiday.

I wanted to take some more pictures of the New England headstones, but the one time I got a chance to hop out of the car, my camera battery died. That has never happened, especially since I had charged the battery the night before. I was so bummed, but it gives me an excuse to go back to New England sooner.

My very generous mother in law bought tickets for herself, my sister in law, my daughter and myself to see Boston Ballet perform The Nutcracker. The seats weren't bad, but the small child in front of me's strange posture forced me to watch the entire ballet leaning over my seat. Nevertheless, it was a magical experience and reminded me of seeing the ballet for the first time when I was about 8. After that, my mother enrolled me in ballet and I performed in the ballet every year until I was seventeen.

We had to take a bunch of toll roads as we headed up north. We had planned on getting an EZ Pass, but something happened that is making us rethink that. My husband was so upset he asked me to write a blog post about it because "You have a bigger audience than I do."(I don't know how true that is.) I'm currently working on that blog post, but if anyone has any input about the EZ Pass, I'd love to hear it, good or bad.

I've been having this hankering to cut layers into my hair. Every year I get bored and I guess it's happening now. I've thought about bangs (so trendy right now) or just long layers to break up the shape of my hair.

I keep having to remind myself of how patient I've been and how long it would take to grow out any impulsive hair cuts. I've been thinking about how my updos won't be quite as nice looking with layers poking out all over the place. I think as long as I get through Christmas without a cut, I'll be in the clear, so I've promised to wait at least that long before deciding.

Have you had layers or bangs added to your hair and regretted or loved it? I'd love to hear from you!

Also, I'm considering doing a beauty give away for my 100th blog post. I'm putting things together and it should be a good one, so keep checking back. I'm guessing the give-away will be happening around the New Year.


  1. I have some layers around my face right now because I'm trying to grow out a section of bangs (i still have a thin layer of bangs) and didn't want the bi-level look anymore. They'll grow out nicely.

    I wouldn't get full layers put in my hair ever again. Too much of a PITA.

    Usually when I get the urge to do something crazy, it means it's time for a trim. Maybe if you just trimmed an inch or so off it would take that crazy layer urge away. I know why you've been growing your hair out though, so maybe layers are OK in that scheme and a trim isn't? (Not making fun, just not sure how this is all playing out in your head)

  2. I'll pass along my opinion, which counts for zero because it's your hair and your life.

    All one length is the ultimate. That's what you have now, with awesome length and color.
    Don't mess it up.

  3. Around here the EZ Pass is called an I Pass, but it's the same thing- I Passes work with EZ Pass readers and vice versa. I'm car free but my boyfriend drives, and he was inexplicably hesitant to get an I Pass for a long time. He ended up getting one when the toll rates went up (doubled!) for cash payers, but stayed the same for I Pass users. Since getting it, he's been really happy with it and wondered many times why he'd gone so long without one. It's really handy on road trips, especially because it works nationwide, and it makes things much quicker since open road tolling became standard around here.

    I can't speak for layers, as I've never had them. I've never been tempted, but I think that might be because I'm a curly- it seems like the visual effect of layers is kind of lost on curly hair. I agree that your hair looks wonderful in its current state. Is there something you can do to mix it up that's more temporary?

  4. NO LAYERS!!!! i did it and liked it for exactly one day and 3 years later i am STILL hating that i did it, and trying to trim them out! they are TERRIBLE for updos and they are terribly hard to grow out..unless you were doing a total shoulder length "do" that you styled everyday i would nix the layers idea completely...bangs might be ok, enough to take that itch for the new out, but you will have them forever then...PLEEEEEZE don't do layers ! UGH i HATE them...speaking from a purely personal experience, they look beautiful and flirty if you do something with them every day, but if you are prefering updos they are awful!! ok, i 'm done now :D

  5. I have always regretted layers any time I've gotten them. They make updos nearly impossible and the little short bits just make me upset. I long to have my hair all one length again!