Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I'm Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween. I really missed you guys (well, I missed writing here, anyway.) I'm back online and ready to roll!

The house situation went smoothly. We've closed and are in the house. The only downside is our stuff hasn't arrived yet, so we're camping out on air mattresses for the time being.

On Halloween, my neighbors came over to say hello. I got so many comments on my hair. People couldn't believe how long it is. It was kind of nice to get such positive attention, honestly. I know that sounds kind of vain.

I have two new Grahtoe forks and two other new items to catalog here, which I will do tomorrow. I also have two new items on their way from Grahtoe.

As soon as I was hooked up, I headed on over to their shop to see what was new. It put me back a nice chunk of change, but hey, I'm sleeping on the floor. I deserve something pretty, right? Right?

I bought this beautiful ebony mermaid's tail.

I'm hoping the black will stand out against my lighter colored hair.

I also bought these:

They're teak mini forks*. Grahtoe came out with them a while ago and I've been curious. I don't know if they'll work for my super long hair, but I know plenty of people to pass them along to if they don't work for me.

**Whoops! Those are NOT teak! They're lignum vitae. Lignum vitae is a really neat wood. In The Once and Future King, Merlin's staff was made of this special wood. Lignum vitae is latin for "long life" and the tree lives up to its name. It's also called "tree of life" and is considered excellent for healing.**

Stay tuned tomorrow for pictures of my new arrivals!


  1. I think basking in the praise of your long hair is a wonderful thing. You are inspiring others and showing them that it is possible to have gorgeous, long hair. Any of them who wanted beautiful hair like yours can grow their own. No beauty trick is easier or simpler than growing out one's hair!

  2. Glad to hear thing are going well.
    Good news - the East Coast folks support long hair!