Monday, October 18, 2010

Back on The Mainland!

We arrived safely on the mainland. I was absolutely thrilled that there was a crisp snap to the air and dried leaves to crush underfoot.

We hung out with my best friend for two days in Pennsylvania before driving up to New England. We drove through New Jersey, New York (which I loathe) and took the George Washington Bridge, then on through Connecticut, Massachusetts and into New Hampshire.

Halloween has definitely arrived!

On Saturday, we headed off for what may be the last Pumpkin Fest in Keene, New Hampshire. I have never seen so many pumpkins in my life!

There was a giant carved Jack O' Lantern at the top of the scaffolding.

 That one says "Don't Drink And Drive."

I hate raccoons, but thought this pumpkin was pretty cute:

I will say this about people- they are certainly more formal dressers here than in Hawaii. I've seen only two people with hair even approaching my length since arriving on the mainland.

Yesterday, we went apple picking. We picked Macintosh apples and took a hay ride. The kids had so much fun and I really enjoyed myself, as well.

 I just got my laptop charger back after leaving it in Pennsylvania, so look for more updates very shortly!

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  1. Welcome! New England is the place that holds my heart.

    I'm not surprised you found people dressed more formally. I think New England is known for that, for being pretty reserved and contained. Probably the bitter climate brings that out in people! But they are kind, generous people once you get to know them, usually! :)