Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bang, bang!

I re-entered the workforce in November (okay, technically it's an internship and I'm not getting paid, but you get the idea.) I wanted an updated, more professional look, so I got bangs.

I went in and figured I would cry when they cut, but I didn't. They were amazed at my hair length, which was a good feeling. So, here is what happened when I went to get my hair cut.

I decided that they were too long because I kept having to push them out of the way. So, back I went to have them cut shorter.

I was really scared, but you know what? They look awesome! They soften up my updos and really help me look more professional.

I know I may lose some readers over this, but I hope you'll think they're as awesome as I do.


  1. if you love it and it makes you feel good YAHOO!! and softer look in the updos is good too, since i cover in public i don't worry about that so much but pulled all back tight can be a bit boring and extreme i say ROCK the bangs, lady!! they look lovely by the way!! so does your smile!!

    1. They look really great! I think sideswept bangs look wonderful with buns/updos.

      Congratulations on the internship, too :)

      Also, wow is that really Winnie next to you? She's grown so much!

  2. I think they look gorgeous on you.
    Good that you decided to do it, I had a full bangs once and that looked terrible on me, still growing this out. but maybe like the ones you have...soft and sided.. but I am a coward I guess :o) love, louisa