Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Went Red!

Nightshade from Nightblooming on Etsy whipped up a custom batch of henna for me and I applied it last night.

I was seriously stressed about dye release, having never really hennaed before. I kept checking the color in the back of my hand. When the color didn't seem to get any darker, I took the plunge.

The color is absolutely perfect and really compliments my skin. I didn't realize how much my hair blended with my skin tone until I saw the red. The contrast is really lovely.

Please don't mind my ends. They really don't look as bad as they do in the photos. I've been trimming rather randomly, so the ends are thinner than usual. 

I also purchased these pretty combs to tuck into my buns:

In related news, the pictures make me wonder if I've wandered into "Can I call this classic?" length.


  1. OH it is a beautiful shade!! i lOVE it!!! and those combs were crying to me, except i can never make combs stay inmy hair :( I am glad you got them, they will look beautiful !!!
    LOVE IT!! i think you have reached classic my dear!! :D happy Valentines day full of love for you!

  2. Fantastic - love the color - perfect for you!
    Great to see a length shot, it looks so healthy.

  3. Oh WOW!!!! Thank you for posting pictures, that color does indeed look heavenly on you :)

  4. a lovely red!
    Although your own colour is very lovely as well!

  5. That is beautiful! Makes me want to go back to strawberry. Your hair's tones and lights show really nicely; a reflection on good henna applied to really good hair:)
    Red is hard to keep up so be sure to use non-sulfate shampoos and stuff.
    Love the blog.

  6. You look classic length to me!