Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Great Giveaway

I'm giving away a nice little box of goodies.

Ways To Enter:
"Follow" me on Twitter.
Retweet about this giveaway.
Check out Grahtoe's storefront on Etsy and leave a comment saying which item you'd like and why.
"Follow" Grahtoe on Twitter.
Leave a comment saying what you like (or don't like) about my blog.

You're not limited to one entry. For example, you can follow me on twitter, then tweet about this giveaway; that's two entries. Then you can check out Grahtoe's store and then follow them on Twitter. That's two more entries. Then you leave a comment saying something about this blog for a total of five entries.

Make sure you leave a comment saying how you entered. For example, if you Follow me on Twitter, leave a comment saying "Follow you on Twitter."

On New Year's Day, I'll use a randomizer to pick a number at random and the coordinating comment will be the winner. I will contact the winner and arrange for shipping (which I will take care of.)

Now, for the fun part- the booty. Up for grabs is:

Moona Lisa Neptune's Cove Bar Soap
Chunk of Lush's Angel's Delight Bar Soap
Sugarcandie Scrub: Two layer scrub with Sinful Chocolate Cake Craving with a top layer of Marshmallow Rockstar Frosting
Sugarcandie Cream Soap in Holiday Sugar Rush
Sugarcandie Scrub: Sugared Snow Angel Noel (a Bestseller!)
Sugarcandie Scrub: Two layer scrub in Fancy Frosted Wedding Cake with a top layer of Marshmallow Rockstar Frosting
**Newly Added** Grahtoe Studios is contributing a surprise hair item to the giveaway!

That's two bars of premium soap, three scrubs and one whipped bath soap, and a free one of a kind hair item from Grahtoe!

Good luck!


  1. you totally rock! this basket sounds yummy!! thanks so much for getting this together!!I will have the next wood post up in the next few days!

  2. Thanks for running a competition!

    At the risk of sounding incompetent, how do you comment on an etsy store? I've been poking around Grahtoe's shop (like I do every day, insert embarrassed smilie here) but I haven't seen a place/way to comment on there. I guess my etsy experience is pretty simple, I just buy stuff.

    I did end up adding something to my favorites, which was a first for me. I added the shop in general and an awesome ebony hairtana with black and red wrapping *drool*.

  3. Maryam, just put the comment here in my blog. :-)

  4. Ooh what a great giveaway! Moona and scrubs and Grahtoe, oh my! ;D

    I love your blog--it's a great combination of hair & reviews & little random (but fascinating) bits that make it interesting to read. I also enjoy seeing all your various hairstyles, even though I know I'd never be able to recreate them.

  5. Oh, and my fave item is the same as Maryam's: that hairtana sword, which is really badass. It reminds me of the Bride's sword from Kill Bill!

    I also really like their Acacia Wood bowl. I can see myself using it on my altar, and the grain of the wood is gorgeous.

    (BTW, I don't use Twitter, but I would be happy to get the word out about your giveaway on some of my other forums! Let me know if that's ok.)

  6. PurpleRose, that sounds just fine! Make sure you leave a comment for each entry. :-)

  7. About this blog- I love the frank descriptions of styles and products, of what works for you, what doesn't and why, complete with pictures. The pictures and video fill the gaps that are often left on review sites and tutorials.

    Especially with tutorials, I find that some talk through what to do and don't actually show you the back of their head and their hands so you can *see* how to do it, and others just show you but don't talk along saying what they're doing and giving tips. Your tutorials stand out for their detail. There's also the perk of an occasional adorable baby picture :)

    Seriously, though, your tutorials were the first I watched on particular hairstyles. I always just did my thing with my hair without looking at real or "official" styles, until I stumbled over here from Green and watched a few tutorials. After that, I checked out tons of other tutorials on youtube, but I didn't see many I really click with because most of them didn't talk through styles while showing them like yours do. I guess I inadvertently set the bar pretty high.

    I also like that it's not just hair. It's always nice to pop onto your favorite hair blog and find an awesome soup recipe, see some nature photography or learn more about wood.

  8. Not sure if my comment asking how to comment earlier would count, so here's an official comment on Grahtoe :)

    My favorites in the shop right now are the ebony hairtana that I mentioned earlier and the lignum vitae leaf hair sticks. Here's why:

    The hairtana- I've wanted a hairtana since I first realized they existed, when I'd seen an action shot of a Grahtoe hairtana on LHC. It was absolutely gorgeous, and it set me on a search for others. The wood combinations and wrapping color combinations I found (looking at past ones Grahtoe made) are amazing.

    LV leaf hairsticks- I love trees, and loving leaves comes with the territory! The shape of these hairsticks looks awesome. I've never used a hair stick with a curve like that. The graining of the wood is so beautiful on a computer screen I can only imagine how they look in person.

  9. I just found you blog through Gratoe's facebook page. It's really great! I love your tutorials, and your hair is gorgeous.

    Right now, I'm loving Gratoe's Inlaid Mermaid Tail in Gabon Ebony (although I'm not sure if I like the silver inlaid one they currently have up or the 'black hills gold' style one in the sold items more.

    I also like the purple heart wood micro-minis. I have two in curly maple, and their ability to control my wonky layer and to hold up my waist length hair through a long and active workday is impressive.

  10. I like your Acacia Wood Lathe Turned Decorative Bowl. Thank you!
    bridgestranslation at yahoo dot com

  11. Jessica!!! I followed you on Twitter!. Love You!

  12. And I followed Grahtoe!! I will definitely be making a purchase from them soon, don't know why I haven't yet.

  13. Oh, and I retweeted your giveaway.

  14. And I put it n my Facebook profile.

  15. My favorite Grahtoe piece is the Hair Fork Comb Padouk Wood with Woodburning and dangle.

  16. I love your blog because I love you. My hair lives vicariously through your hair.

  17. I reposted your giveaway deets! Thanks so much for a fantastic giveaway (and blog, of course). :D

  18. Followed you on twitter! @Nikki_McComas

  19. Re-Tweeted about this giveaway

  20. I'd really like the Hair Fork 5 Prong Cherry Wood with Verdigris Fleur-De-Lis Medallion Hairfork from GrahToe. I love cherry wood and think the color is light enough to show up really well against my auburn hair. My hair is very thick and I think 5 prongs would hold it up nicely.

  21. I've been lurking around your blog for awhile. I love all the tutorials you share and wish I was coordinated enough to do some of the styles.

  22. Well... What I like about your blog varies and is generally all inclusive. I'd have to say, though, that my favorite parts are your photography and the pictures of the buns you make. I've always loved your hair, and you're just so creative with the buns! My hair is totally curly, so I can't do most of the buns you can, but I still adore them. And, you have a really good eye for capturing pictures, so I like being able to look at them.

  23. Eeek! I am having a really hard time deciding which hair fork I like the best! My favorites are torn between the Hair Swords, which I've been eying for months, and a new 5 prong hair fork that I just saw today. The 5 prong has won out, though. It's the 5 Prong Birdseye Maple Wood with Steampunk works hair fork. I think I like it the most right now because it's big, and looks like it could handle being put into my hair. Also, I really like big pieces, and I know this one would get noticed. Although those hair swords are on my list of things to buy in the near future, the Maple Wood fork is definitely on the top of my list right now. :)

  24. Just started following you on Twitter.

  25. Now following Grahtoe on Twitter :)

  26. Hiya! Looks like I entered just in time lol. I followed you and grahtoe on twitter, retweeted this, and I LOVE the 5 pronged with leaf o the grahtoe website!!! I have been buying their items for a little over a year!

  27. I love the fact that your blog is dedicated to hair!!!! I have been an LHC member for over a year, and have learned so much from all the lovely members!
    5 entries for me yay!

  28. Sorry I didn't know I was supposed to do everything separately lol
    Followed you on Twitter

  29. Hope I'm not too late!

    I always come back to your blog from Lush. I like seeing all your new styles.

  30. I am saving for a fork from Grahtoe--bird's eye maple! I have dark hair, so the light color would be a great contrast. Their work is amazing.